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Onsite Massage Menus & Prices


Body Care Massage(Dry Massage, SHIATSU)

・60min. 6,000 yen (+tax)

・90min. 9,000 yen (+tax)

・120min. 12,000 yen (+tax)

・150min. 15,000 yen (+tax)

・180min. 18,000 yen (+tax)

Extra each 30min. 4,000 yen (+tax)


Combination treatment 

(Oil treatment & SHIATSU)

・90min. 11,000 yen (+tax)

・120min. 14,000 yen (+tax) 

・150min. 17,000 yen (+tax)

・180min. 20,000 yen (+tax)

Extra each 30min. 5,000 yen (+tax)


In Shibuya-ku, Minato-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Shinagawa-ku & Meguro-ku,

we DON’T charge any transportation fees.

In case of ordering 60 minutes menu, we charge transportation fees in other cities.

If you have any question about that, please ask.




Orange Area : NO Transportation fees

Yellow Area : 1,000 yen (+tax)

Green Area : 2,000 yen (+tax)

Gray Area : Out of service


What’s MIRAKU?

WE, MIRAKU is a Tokyo’s Onsite Massage Service.

At hotel, at a Guest House, at a Service Apartment or anywhere,

we can dispatch our well trained massage staffs

to your place almost within 30 minutes from the order.


English Available

We offer SHIATSU (Dry massage), Oil treatment and Facial massage

strive to offer relaxing experiences,

provide individually customized, attentive treatments

with a high quality service.

We put tremendous effort into our guests’ satisfaction

with our unique massage treatment methods.

Our therapists are all well trained.


How to offer

Call to 03-6886-6001, during our opening time 19:00-2:30,

or Email us info@miraku.tokyo

and let us know, ①when ②where ③which menu ④how many people

you would like to ask.

How to pay?

Cash and Credit Card (VISA, Master Card, American Express) are available.


Thank you very much for coming our site.

I’m SAITO, the manager of this Massage Salon.

Our 23 well trained female massage therapists,

would be grad to serve you.


I’m very proud to introduce and give the experience of our massage service for you.

 We are all welcome your questions or any contact.

We are looking forward to serving you soon.

Onsite Massage Salon MIRAKU 

Please feel free to contact with us

Reservation hours : 19:00-02:00
Opening hours :  20:00-03:00


Japanese Menus & prices  ↓

Please feel free to contact with us

Reservation hours : 19:00-02:00
Opening hours :  20:00-03:00